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The company is actively involved in Local and International Trading for the last 28 years and is working in collaboration with a number of world renowned companies for supply of materials and services, with fully functional offices situated in the Koribathgoda, Colombo Srilanka. and having group strength of over 500 dedicated staff, we continuously strive for expanding our customer base and developing in house capabilities.

In 1983, the Mr. Chandralal de Silva and his wife Mrs K.K.D.K. Asoka, the founder of Bettans Shoes Ltd took his first steps to realizing a vision in making leather quality shoes to Citizen of Srilanka and it is No. 01 footwear Manufacturing Company in South Asia.

His mission was based on firm principles, business integrity and offering his customers quality and good value above all else. And brand leader with national & international recognition. The task was not without the pitfalls & obstacles reward & successes associated with the building of a strong brand that had to stand the test of time. Time that put to test his courage and determination to succeed against all odds and convert his vision into a reality.

He cleverly identified the various opportunities that came his way and set the foundation for a strong brand and a diverse group of companies. He loved his country, religion and her people and traditional family values.


BCG came in to operation as a result of entrepreneurial pursuits of Mr.Chandralal De Silva over the past 27 years. He started a small footwear manufacturing unit in 1983 with his wife Mrs. K K D Asoka and develops to the present statues merely to his hard work, entrepreneurial skills, leadership, and visionary foresight. The initial partnership was converted in to a limited liability company and then to a Group of companies subsequently.

In this journey, the ownership of the all the companies is vested to Mr. Chandralal De Silva and Mrs. K K D Asoka.

Mr. Chandralal De Silva is the Chairman and Managing Director of all companies in the Group whilst Mrs. K K D Asoka acts as a Director of all four companies. The business acumen and entrepreneurial achievements of Mr. Chandralal De Silva were recognized by many national and international organizations by presenting him prestigious and coveted awards.